London-based designer Lee Broom has unveiled a new musical tribute chair in the form of an online virtual event. At the press conference, an orchestra sat in new seats and played music by the French musician Claude Debussy.

The launch of the chair, Maestro, featured a static display in a window at last year’s London Design Festival. Because of the new crown epidemic, people aren’t as immersive as they used to be, so Brumm created a short film to showcase his chair on the web.

The film tells the story of London’s Parallax Orchestra’s first reunion after the lockdown and features a string of classics including Claude Debussy. “The idea for the film came from a New York Philharmonic Performance I saw in Manhattan last year, where I had the idea of having a band sit on a chair and play music and show furniture in an unprecedented way,” Brumm said.

Directed by London-based Creative Studio Satore, the film uses dynamic lighting under the seats to interact with the music, creating a three-dimensional animation of the Moon floating behind the band. Satore designed the sets for Beyoncé’s concerts, and Brumm’s trapeze chair was featured in the singer’s brochure. The Maestro seats have a distinctive curved steel frame that evokes the undulating lines of various instruments, especially the brass pipes of the classical orchestra.

“Music tells a lot about the work,” Brumm says. “I listened to the music in the first sketch, visualized each part in my mind, and finally came up with a classic instrument as a reference. They have exquisite lines and special functions, and I like to associate them with the seats.”

The metal tubes of the frame, which are brass, bright chrome, or black, are stacked on top of each other to form a three-tiered circular backrest, through which the highest and lowest tubes continue to extend out, forming the front legs and the back legs, the tube in the middle wraps around the seat and bends to support it.

The metal tubes of the frame, which The semicircular seat can be made of a variety of fabrics. Brumm stresses that there is now a tendency for people’s needs to be diversified, and customers should be offered a variety of choices. To this end, he set up his own fabric factory in London, the fabric design of their own products.

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