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Miss. Su, who has been selling office furniture for many years, had contacted most of the bosses and their employees in the early years. She found that employees and bosses had very different opinions on the purchase of office furniture.

First of all, for cost control, the boss hopes that the cheaper the furniture, the better. But you get what you pay for. The furniture that arrives in the office is often inferior. The most obvious is the unpleasant smell and the excessive formaldehyde. The biggest victim is of course the employees who need to sit in the office every day.

Secondly, the boss is not familiar with the field of office furniture and knows nothing about the setting. They are often handed over to the decoration company to help.

While the decoration company is making a lot of money from them, the office desks and office chairs purchased are not suitable for the employees. They are either small in size or uncomfortable. If the boss purchase the furniture by himself, he has to choose from thousands of suppliers, which is very troublesome.

 In addition, most suppliers have MOQ(minimum order qty), which undoubtedly sets a threshold for the company’s procurement.

 Based on this, Miss Su founded the Yonso brand, determined to provide customers with “healthy, comfortable, and easy-to-buy” office furniture. Customers only need to determine the size and style of the office space, and everything else can be delivered to Yonso, which is convenient and fast.

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