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A good desk should not only consider the space for placing office supplies, but also should have enough wire storage space. In order to avoid exposure of the wire, the high voltage power supply and network cable need to be isolated, so as not to produce data loss due to magnetic field interference. The table edge should be a bevel design or a quarter-round design, so as to avoid the disadvantages of compress the blood vessels in the elbow. The staff at the table doesn’t have to sit. There are many need standing structures for higher tabletop, such as professional inquiry and drawing work. Besides, the material is no longer limited to steel, a variety of materials such as reinforced glass, leather, wood, aluminum alloy, to join the desk changes more. They also present a more lively appearance.


The position of the desk had better not get the direct sunlight. Often insolation can make furniture oil paint fade, metal parts easily oxidation metamorphism, wood parts easily brittle in summer, it is better to use curtains to protect the furniture from the sun. Finally, it is necessary to maintain indoor humidity, do not let the furniture damp. The use of a humidifier in spring and autumn should be limited time, to prevent excessive humidity and damage to furniture, such as wood decay, metal parts rust, bonding parts easy to open glue from, etc.

The following are all kinds of office furniture maintenance knowledge.

1 Steel furniture maintenance

Sturdy and durable steel office furniture is the most common in the office, especially the ideal cabinet is indispensable in the office. The maintenance of the exposed part of the steel office can be used to wipe soft cloth, but avoid using rough, organic solvents (such as turpentine oil, decontamination oil) or wet cloth wipe, which is the main cause of scars and rust.

2 Wood furniture maintenance

The biggest advantage of natural wood furniture products is their natural wood grain and variable natural colors. As natural wood is a breathing organism, it must be placed in an environment with appropriate temperature and humidity. At the same time, beverages, chemicals, or overheated objects must be avoided to be placed on the surface so as not to damage the natural color and luster of the wood surface. For the laminate board, it can use the neutral cleaner that has been diluted to accompany warm water to wipe first and then wipe with clear water again. Remember to wipe with a soft dry cloth residual from water stains, after that, use maintains wax to polish bright. Only pay attention to the daily cleaning and maintenance, can keep wood furniture good.

3 Fabric furniture maintenance

The most common use in the office chair and sofa fabric, its comfortable touch and varied design and color made the traditional furniture is more diverse. Common maintenance method: when the fabric is stained with dirt, sandy soil and other dry sex dirt, it should be patted gently only or suck with the vacuum cleaner. When the fabric is stained with grained sand, it can be cleaned with wool brushes smoothly. But cannot use hard wool to brush, lest harm fabric surface. If it is stained with drinks and fruit juice, it can first use a hand towel to absorb the water, then dissolve the neutral detergent with warm water and wipe it, and then use a clean soft cloth to dry, and finally dry at a low temperature.

4 Leather furniture maintenance

Leather has good heat resistance, moisture resistance, and breathability and other features. Besides, the natural weave dimension of the dermis is less directional, Both horizontal and vertical are re-uniform scalability. In addition, the color of the leather is not easy to fade, and it has elegant color, excellent touch, and bright appearance, so it has been deeply loved by consumers. How can you maintain the leather products? Daily cleanliness is key. General maintenance only needs to use a clean and soft cloth to gently wipe. If you want to clean up the dirt produced by long-term use, the most ideal way is: use the neutral cleaner of warm water dilution (1%-3%) wipe first, wipe clean fluid with the clear water that wrings dry again, polish with dry cloth finally, wait for completely dry after using the right amount of leather care agent evenly wipe.

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