People who work long in front of the computer every day will feel their shoulders, cervical spine, and other parts being sore. This is actually caused by a long time sitting. The soreness is only a minor condition. In severe cases, it can lead to diseases such as lumbar and cervical spondylosis. So we should improve our office posture in time to make our body healthier.

To alternate sitting and standing is a very popular way of healthy office work. There is even a one-hour work rule to assist this office method, that is, sitting for 45 minutes and standing for 15 minutes, so alternately, you can develop a good office posture.

1  Analysis of knowledge of lifting platform

The desktop lifting table is a household item that is placed on the desktop and can lift the work surface. It is mainly composed of a work desktop, a base, and a lifting arm. The biggest advantage is that it allows users to maintain a standing posture for the office, and the height can be according to their own height adjustment.

Advantages: Lightweight and convenient, economical and environmentally friendly, height can be adjusted without electricity; at the same time, it is very suitable and can be placed arbitrarily on a conventional desktop.

Disadvantages: It will occupy the original desktop space and appear messy, and there are certain restrictions on the load-bearing range and lifting range.

2  The type and structure of the lifting platform

Lifting tables can be divided into two main types, one is a single-layer tabletop, and the other is a double-layer tabletop. The structure can be divided into X-type structure and Z-type structure.

Single-layer desktop

It is made of a whole table. With a large area that can place many items, such as monitors, keyboards and mice, office supplies, sundries, etc., which can be arranged in an orderly manner.

Double-layer desktop

The display area and the keyboard area are reasonably divided, and a keyboard tray is separately equipped for the keyboard to carry a larger keyboard or place a laptop. This is very convenient for friends who need to use a laptop to connect to an external monitor, and will not affect each other during use.

X-shaped structure

It can maintain vertical movement when lifting, it is not easy to run on all sides, and there will be no offset, and the load-bearing and stability are very good.

Z-type structure

It is mainly to show the air pressure rod and the desktop at an oblique angle. This structure is more ergonomic, and it will be easier in the operation process. At the same time, the fluency is better, and there will be no strenuous or stuck Condition.

3 The power-assisted method of the lifting platform

At present, the mainstream desktop lifting platforms on the market mainly use gas springs to achieve lifting operations, which can achieve free hovering. Compared with the earlier design of torsion springs, both stability and service life are improved a lot. However, the current lifting platform with torsion spring design has been eliminated. Gas springs and electric motors are the mainstream. However, the price of electric adjustment is relatively high, and the price is often more than 1,000. In terms of cost performance, gas springs are relatively high.

4 The matters needing attention when buying a lifting platform

Different manufacturers have different settings for the height adjustment range of their own lifting platform, and there are also certain differences between each product; secondly, each person’s height and posture are different. When choosing a lifting platform, you must first choose the height that suits you according to your own situation.

Here is a reminder: If the original desktop is relatively high, it is recommended to choose a lifting platform with a lower starting point when choosing.

The adjustment methods are divided into two types: stepless lifting and gear lifting. Among them, the precision of stepless lifting is higher. During the adjustment process, you can find the height that suits you according to the user’s habits. The gear lifting is a double guarantee through the bayonet, which has more advantages in stability and load-bearing. Personally recommend the infinite lift, after all, the height that suits you is the most comfortable.

3 Selection of operation mode

There are four main operating modes of the lifting platform: push-type, toggle type, foot pedal type, and rotary type. In fact, the operation of the knob type is the most cumbersome. At present, the most widely used lifting platform on the market is the push type.

4 Desktop width selection

Different brands and models of lifting tables have different desktop widths. The choice of desktop width should also be determined according to your own usage. There is no absolute reference value for this. However, there is a need to place dual monitors, so the desktop size can be wider, and it is recommended to choose 80cm or more, which can better meet the needs of placing dual monitors.

5. Load-bearing and stability options

What you have to consider when buying a lifting platform is load-bearing performance and stability. Good load-bearing performance determines the number of items that can be placed on the desktop. Many friends may choose to place some books on the desktop in addition to monitors and laptops. At this time, the load-bearing performance needs to be considered. If there is no need to place other items, the conventional lifting platform can meet daily use well.

As for the choice of stability, the main reason is that the computers that are worth tens of thousands of yuan are placed on the desktop. If the stability is not good during the lifting process, it may cause the computer to slip and damage the computer.

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