There have been plenty of articles about how to teach consumers how to pick out a comfortable seat. Ergonomic chairs are everywhere, and sometimes people don’t know what to do with them.

The content of this issue is to explain four kinds of seats in ergonomics design or safety defects.

Don’t choose the below kinds of seats which will damage your body after sit for a long time.

Type 1: The gas lift without a certificate

In December 2009, a fourteen years old boy called Taotao, who lives in Shandong, China, was playing a computer like usual. Suddenly, the swivel chair exploded. The gas lift inserted his buttocks. And a small piece of fragment

 hit his chest cavity, made him fail to breathe and die.

In May 2010, a woman in Fujian province, China, was seriously injured by an explosion of a pneumatic chair and was

In June 2015, a girl in Xiamen experienced an explosion of the office chair. This accident exploded her buttocks, torn the rectum, and punched a hole in the vagina. While checking the receipt of the chair, people couldn’t find any information about the manufacturer including name, address, and phone, etc,.

Many accidents like these make us angry. Many people prefer suffering an uncomfortable chair rather than an unsafe one. All these happened because the chair used bad gas lifts without certificates, and what’s more, people can’t claim with less evidence.

So, before buying an office chair, you’d better:

Type 2: The seat that cannot be backed

The seat is bought to meet people’s needs for comfortable and sedentary sitting. The silliest is that the seat cannot lean on the back. Once the cushion is already full, yet the cushion is too long and the back still cannot be leaned. In this situation, you had to lean on the back of the chair like the position from the picture shows, you would definitely have a backache within half an hour.

Therefore, when choosing a seat, you must first try to sit. The length of the cushion should reach the knee socket from the front end, and the back should be leaning firmly on the back of the chair. Let the cushion touch the area of the hips and thighs as much as possible. , increase the contact area and reduce the unit pressure, so that the body can sit for a long time without getting tired.

It is even better if the seat has a cushion depth adjustment function. You can adjust the cushion depth according to your leg length to make yourself sit more comfortably.

Type 3: The seat with no resilience and airtight cushion

The seats on the market are generally divided into three types, the first is leather + sponge, the second is mesh + sponge, and the other is pure mesh. If the materials used in these three cushions are all high-quality products, in fact, they will be very breathable and comfortable.

Real leather is very breathable, while the non-breathable ones are PU leather and inferior leather. But real leather seats are usually more expensive. The mesh + sponge cushion is the most common, and good cushions can be used for several years. The filling sponge is still very vigorous. The inferior cushion is made of a bad sponge. It may be very soft at the beginning and will turn to be collapsed after sitting for a long time, you will find that you are most like sitting on a steel plate. Full mesh seat cushion has always been praised by the market because it allows people to easily see that it is breathable. However, the pure mesh seat cushion has a big defect. The usage time of the full mesh is much shorter than that of the mesh + sponge cushion.  After all, the seat cushion is the most critical part of the human body to bear the weight of the body when seated. The quality and health of different meshes are particularly different.

There’s an easy way to the check texture of the cushion. We can sit on it for a while. If the cushion quickly returns to its original shape, it proves that this seat is not easy to deform. Then the front edge of the seat cushion should have a downward arc, so as to reduce friction and contact on the inner side of the knee joint, and not to squeeze the thigh, which is beneficial to human health.

Type 4: Seats with weak and unstable legs

There are some seats with unreasonable designs that will tip over as long as they lean back and forth. Stability is important data to test whether an office chair is in danger. Consumers can test the seat before buying.

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