First of all, the mesh is ventilate and not muggy.

At this point, someone will definitely say that there is an air conditioner in my room, so just lower the temperature of the air conditioner.

It sounds reasonable at first glance, but the actual situation is that the place where the air conditioner blows is cool and dry, and the place where the air conditioner cannot blow is hot and humid.

There is such an experience, driving at noon on a hot day, the air conditioner blows directly on the face to cool down, the back and butt are all sweaty when getting off the car, and the face is sore due to the long time blowing the air conditioner directly. Have you ever encountered this situation?

This is not to discuss whether the surface of the body is cold in the wind and the surface is hot in the leeward, whether it is a health problem.

It’s just, you know, if the air conditioning makes temperature too low, people will feel uncomfortable. In this situation, a full mesh ergonomic chair can avoid being cold on one side and hot on the other side.

The mesh cushion has a certain effect of forcing a correct sitting posture

Mesh is including nylon mesh, rattan, flax, etc. Because the physical properties of the material have a certain decomposition of the support force near the ischium, the seat surface is not in rigid contact with the ischium. The feeling of softness and hardness is related to the manufacturer’s choice. And the physical properties determine the support force between the sponge seat surface and the hardwood surface. , neither the force is uniformly decomposed nor concentrated in one place. It is impossible to adopt a slanted sitting posture for a long time, and it will inevitably switch to a straight sitting posture after a period of time, which has a certain restraint effect on the verticality of the spine. At the same time, it is not like the hard sitting surface, the contact force between the ischium and the hard sitting surface is concentrated and it is easy to hurt.

Ergonomics is not about being comfortable, but forcing people to choose a healthy and stretched sitting position through the environment, avoiding or alleviating labor fatigue as much as possible, and achieving the goal naturally through the improvement of the environment.

In terms of tactile and gravitational dispersion, the mesh is not as good as the sponge cushion. Because the direction pursued is different.

Some problems of mesh

Of course, full mesh ergonomic chairs are still a relatively new field and will have problems of one kind or another.

1. For example, some people think that the front edge of the mesh cushion will press the thigh, and many people will worry that the mesh cushion will collapse, etc. These will be solved and improved through engineering design.

2. Some friends think that the mesh is more skinny, and some are piercing.

This is because the black nylon fibers (indicated by the arrows) that bear the bodyweight on the mesh are in direct contact with the skin for a long time.

Currently, nylon fibers not only bear the weight of the human body but also provide friction to prevent horizontal sliding back and forth. If the problem of skin contact is solved by mesh weaving, the friction will be reduced and there will be a feeling of sliding forward.

There are two suggestions.

1. Don’t sit naked on a chair. At least wear shorts. In addition, you can wear a large cotton t-shirt to the back of the chair to solve the back problem.

2. Using a special woven intensifying cloth cover, the thinner single layer does not store heat and is designed for touch and friction.

When the problems are solved, it will be very comfortable while you sit on the mesh chair.

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