In recent years, the boom in the sharing economy has brought many new business models, and “shared office” is one of them.

The so-called shared office is to full fill those small companies or individuals who need offices with low rent cost, cross and easily moving work area to meet clients.

The concept of shared office was first born in 1995, and it was the first office method that emerged in some European and American countries.

Speaking of the predecessor of co-working space-C-base was established in Berlin, Germany. In the beginning, it was just an organization formed by a group of software engineers to provide hackers with a place to meet and work together.

Four years later, the American Bernard De Koven (Bernard De Koven) put forward the concept of “co-working” for the first time and used the term “coworking” as a reference to those who can be used to improve collective work. The general term for efficient working methods.

Finally, on August 9, 2005, the first official co-working space was established in San Francisco. It is understood that this is a non-profit cooperative founded by programmer Brad, the space is only open two days a week.

A year later, it was replaced by the world’s first self-proclaimed “shared office space” “The Hat Factory”, and opened on a five-day basis.

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