For people who sit in front of the computer every day, a healthy shoulder and neck are simply more desirable than leaving to get off work on time.

As a result, we, who have a strong desire to be relieved, are constantly looking for products that can relieve shoulder, cervical, and spine problems.

The emergence of ergonomic chairs is to reduce the damage caused by sitting for a long time.

Sit well and comfortably is a difficult task.

To adjust the seat, the most important thing is to suit your height and body shape, to be able to support your waist and back, and relieve the fatigue of sedentary sitting.

Adjust seat height

Stand in front of the office chair and adjust the seat height so that the seat cushion is slightly lower than your knees.

Adjust the sitting depth

Sitting on a chair, lay your feet flat naturally and adjust the depth of your sitting so that the distance between the edge of the cushion and your calf is about one fist.

Adjust the armrest

Sitting upright, with your arms drooping naturally, bend your elbows at 90° and adjust the height of the armrests until the armrests do not touch the bottom of the elbows.

If your seat cannot be adjusted in some places, you can use tools such as pillows to assist in the adjustment.

The function of the ergonomic chair is based on the ergonomic design, allowing you to bend where you should bend, and where you need to be straightened to assist you in straightening, providing full-fit support for your thighs, hips and back. In this way, it helps you maintain the correct sitting posture and at the same time alleviate the fatigue caused by sedentary sitting. Over time, it can reduce the damage to the spine, shoulder, and neck caused by sitting for a long time.

After sitting on a good chair, the feeling will be “After sitting on it for three or four hours, you can stand up easily instead of dying.”

Chair back

The curved surface of the back of the chair should support the waist and back closely. An office chair that fits the waist and back at all times will greatly reduce the fatigue of sedentary sitting.

Therefore, when looking at an ergonomic chair, the first thing to consider is the curve and elasticity of the backrest. Only the backrest that conforms to the curve of the human back can be fitted at all times, and better elasticity can better support the back. If the back of the chair can be adjusted in multiple directions to adapt to different heights and body types, it is even more worthy of extra points!

(The back of the chair that fits perfectly with the back)

Seat cushion

A good seat cushion should have no pressure on the thighs and knees. This not only requires that the curved surface of the cushion conforms to the physiological curve of the hips, but the front end of the cushion should be waterfall-shaped.

Many people ignore the importance of sitting depth adjustment.

Sitting deep is too short, it is easy to slip, the body is difficult to relax, and it is easy to fatigue.

(Sit too deep, the body is not easy to relax)

Sitting too deep will compress the knee joints. After sitting for a long time, you will feel an arrow in your knees, or your feet will not be able to land on the ground naturally, which will increase the sense of fatigue.

(Sit too deep and compress the knees)


The seat is also very important for the support of the neck, so when choosing a seat, you must pay attention to whether the headrest is adjustable. The most basic ergonomic chair must be able to adjust the height of the headrest to suit different heights; the higher-end can adjust the angle of the headrest to accommodate more sitting positions.

(Headrest capable of adjusting height and angle)

Other points to consider

The armrest can relieve the pressure on the shoulder and neck. If the armrest can adjust the angle, it is worth extra points.

The material of the seat. Common materials are genuine leather (breathable and durable, feel good, expensive), synthetic leather (economical and affordable), mesh (good breathability, but be careful to choose a material with good elasticity), sponge (soft and comfortable, but slightly hot in summer). These are based on your own preferences and budget considerations.

The quality of the gas lift and the mechanism. Unqualified gas lift and mechanism may cause explosion risks. The news that the lifting seat blows up the bottom is because of the bad quality of the gas lift and mechanism. Be sure to choose a well-known brand of gas lift with safety certification.

Whether to bring a folding footrest. For those who need a nap but do not have a nap space, if your chair can be adjusted to the elevation angle, with a folding footrest, it is worth extra points to provide you with a space to lie on your back and take a nap.

No matter how comfortable the office chair is, it does not mean that you are encouraged to sit all day. The dangers of sitting for a long time are more harmful than you think.

(Each bending point is prone to joint disease)

A number of studies have shown that sitting for a long time increases the risk of cardiovascular disease and malignant tumors, as a whole, it also leads to an increase in the risk of death. However, it is not encouraged to stand for a long time in office. Standing for a long time can easily lead to carotid atherosclerosis and varicose veins.

So, what should an internet dog who can’t go to work without a computer do?

Sit down when you are tired, remember to stand up after sitting for a long time! The stand-sit alternate office method first spread from Silicon Valley and is now being recognized by more and more people. Properly sitting and standing alternate office work is not only good for health but also good for brain and blood activity, improving work efficiency.

Therefore, in addition to a comfortable office chair, you also need a liftable office table with a flexible monitor stand to help you achieve alternate sitting and standing work.

Of course, whether it is an ergonomic chair or a lifting office desk, it only helps you relieve the pressure on your spine. We also hope that you can take a break and move your limbs after one or two hours of continuous work.

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